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It might sound obvious, but it’s often overlooked, that wealth creates complexity. Understanding, tracking, investing, diversifying, monitoring, protecting, growing, managing...

When is there time to enjoy your wealth?

Clients of Bell Kearns & Associates have described us as Chief Investment Officers for foundations and families. What we do is take away the complexity – but not the control – of managing your wealth. We are investment consultants who specialize in, well, all that and more.

With experience, acumen (and acuwomen), Bell Kearns brings insight and oversight to the management of your wealth.
And we do it well.


Independent. Individual. Disciplined. Risk-Conscious. High Performance.
Family Focused. Generationally Motivated. Flexible.
Premier Service. Clarity. Long-Term Approach.



A year in the life of a dollar with Bell Kearns & Assoc.

View the Timeline to see what you have to look forward to.


“I cannot express enough appreciation for the ease and comfort that you and your team have brought to me.”

J&BM Toronto

Past Performance

Past Performance

Why we put our fine print in big type.

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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

How we work. And why it matters.

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