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Independence Day. And Night.


Ferociously independent, Bell Kearns & Associates is rare among financial and investment firms, one-of-a-kind, we believe.

Head and lighthouse

Our independence is important to you because it’s the fact that we are not tethered to any financial firm or product that allows us to scour the full spectrum of investment strategies to find growth opportunities wherever they may lie.

Founded in 1991 (and still proudly serving clients from our first year in business), Bell Kearns & Associates provides expert, independent financial guidance to wealthy individuals, families, estates and foundations.

We don’t run a mutual fund or buy and sell investment products. It’s our full time occupation to understand the financial landscape, scrutinizing virtually every top provider of investment services – of any sort. The result is that our firm maintains an unprecedented expert, knowledgeable perspective on where the best opportunities exist.

We have been described as a Chief Investment Officer for our clients. It’s an apt description and role we embrace.


Money and gears

Our sole mission is to bring unparalleled knowledge of, and insight into, capital markets, money managers  and investment strategies. With that focussed perspective, our considerable experience and expertise and our exclusive, time-proven process, designed to reduce both risk and volatility, we help our clients strive to maximize investment returns.


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